Yoga for Women ( Children welcome)

Yoga for Women ( Children welcome)

24th January 2020
10:15am - 11:45am

Harmony Hall


“After having my second child, doing Yoga with Aleksandra was just perfect, to gently get “in touch” again with my body.
I would bring my baby who didn’t cry at all but just loved the atmosphere and started to do little movements as well.
Aleksandra was very sweet with my baby while gently helping me get my yoga position right. She´s a great yoga teacher!”

Yes, you can bring your child with you, for free.

We have enough room so why not?

Beginners, intermediate and advanced welcome.

Each Friday we will completely adapt to the group’s needs.

A nurturing yoga class without flowing sequences.

This is the best way to experience all the benefits that yoga can bring:

strength, stability, flexibility, longevity, and relaxation.

Practicing steadily and with persistence, yoga nevertheless addresses every organ, bone, muscle, and cell of the body.

Yoga is for everybody, yet sometimes women do feel like they like to stay among themselves, creating those special bonds, on and off the yoga mats.

Here, we welcome children of any age, just bring them with you and since we have a lot of space, they can join in our class or just play around.

The drop in ticket is £12.
Please bring all that you need for yoga practice with you. 

See you soon!

Ticket price: £12
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Event phone: 07757783227

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