Polish Jazz London series: Niechęć

Polish Jazz London series: Niechęć

4th July 2019
12:00am - 10:30pm

St Mary's Music Hall


First in a series of Polish Jazz concerts being held across Waltham Forest as part of the Borough of culture. Some say Niechęć could be called the twisted kids of Kamasi Washington and Sigur Ros, but in fact they manage to avoid being placed in a niche, with a hypnotic mixture of jazz, ambient, electronic music and alternative rock that offers a fresh and unique approach.

Ticket price: £12
Ticket link: https://www.musichalls.org/events/2019-07-04-polish-jazz-london-series-niechec-st-marys-music-hall
Event webpage: https://www.musichalls.org/events/2019-07-04-polish-jazz-london-series-niechec-st-marys-music-hall
Event email: fran@stmarysmusichall.co.uk

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