Hackathon in Waltham Forest

Calling all developers, designers, researchers, social media gurus, project managers & tea makers!

We’ve teamed up with Waltham Forest Council to host a hackathon in Walthamstow on the evening of Friday 17 November.

For those not in the know, a hackathon is where a group of people get together to solve a particular problem and create something new over a set period of time.

Often hackathons are just for developers, and they’re solving a problem using code, but we’re going to focus on something which needs designers, social media buffs and project managers too. Even if you’ve never written a line of code in your life, there are still lots of ways for you to be involved. And if you learn some basic coding skills along the way then that’s awesome too.

The 12-hour hackathon is going to be themed about events and culture in Waltham Forest. There are 3 potential projects we could tackle so far, and which one we undertake will depend on how many people there are and what skills are on the team. These are:

  • Using Google Maps to map cultural landmarks, venues and events
  • Building a ‘web scraper’ to pull events or any other useful information in from other websites (with their permission)
  • Creating a community-led social media campaign (participants for the social campaign wouldn’t need to be there all night and we may just run this stream until 10pm)

As well as being involved in a super exciting community-led hackathon. There’ll be copious pizza, coffee, crisps and chocolate and we’ll give everyone involved a big shout out on the Walthamstuff website. You’ll also gain useful skills and experience whilst working on developing of a brand-new innovative product or campaign that you can add to your CV.

It’ll be held in Waltham Forest Town Hall from 7pm on the 17th November and will run until 7am the next morning. Attendees are welcome to attend as much or as little as they wish – we won’t lock you in for the full 12 hours!

The hackathon for this year is now fully subscribed.

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