The Burning Gadulka

The Burning Gadulka

27th July 2017

The CentrE17


With Miro Kokenov
by Rayko Baychev
Director Milena Aneva
Translation Angela Rodel

Following a series of performance failures at music festivals, a Bulgarian musician faces a midlife crisis as his lifelong love affair with his instrument – the Gadulka, comes to a crashing end more or less at the same time as the sudden arrival of a mysterious girl?

Will his crippling shyness and his crisis of confidence destroy any relationship before it can begin? Has he lost his power over the musical instrument, or has the instrument lost its power over him? Where do the pandas come into the dilemma?

The performance is inspired by Bulgarian culture and reveals to the audience the characteristics of Bulgarian folklore, traditional dances, and costumes.

THE BURNING GADULKA is a contemporary Bulgarian monodrama.  Bulgarian actor Miro Kokenov makes his Edinburgh Fringe debut as he takes audiences on a tragicomedy journey of doubt, sarcasm and the wonders of nature in his solo performance steeped in Bulgarian folklore. Written by award-winning Bulgarian writer Rayko Baychev, the play which has been translated into English for the first time, delves into love, loss, conflict and self-belief will resonate with anyone searching for answers.

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