Mr Danger’s Really Safe Show

Mr Danger's Really Safe Show

19th July 2017

The CentrE17


The moment the world’s been waiting for has arrived! Mr Danger, formerly the bravest daredevil in Britain, has now finished recovering from his recent catastrophic stunt attempt and is ready to wow the crowds once again! The man the doctors struggled to save after his epic effort to jump a motorcycle across 20 double decker buses with a paper bag over his head is back; and he’s thirsty for your amazement!

There’s just one problem. He’s now absolutely terrified of everything. Mr Danger’s legendary repertoire of wondrous feats must somehow be performed if he is to have any hope of impressing his audience; but although he still has as much swagger as Evel Knievel, he’s also now got as much guts as a fish in batter. Before your very eyes Mr Danger must explore how to conquer his new-found fears and re-discover his old self-confidence.

‘Mr Danger’s Really Safe Show’ combines a captivating mix of clowning, character comedy, puppetry and stunts. It’s full of intriguing and inspiring moments of interaction and is suitable for all ages.

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